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Maximize Profits with Sunglass Sales

Over the decades, sun shades have evolved from a statement fashion accessory used by a small percentage of the population to a every day necessity for all Americans. Whether worn for health reasons, improved sports performance, out-door activities, safer driving, fashion, or a combination of the above, sun shades are embraced by men and ladies of all ages. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, over 95 million pairs of sun shades are sold in the United States each year. Every year since 2009 this sales number has increased, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for multiple retailers to receive a piece of this pie. Whether you are a sunglass retailing veteran, or looking to bring them in to your store for the first time, here are some tips and trends on how to maximize sunglass sales for your individual store.

Since virtually every consumer wears sun shades, and every consumer is different, there is no one-size-fits-all style for sun shades. The key is in tailoring your choice to your particular store’s audience. In the event you are an outdoor or sporting goods store, over mid-range long lasting glasses with polarized lenses. In the event you are a toy store, over colorful budget-friendly kids glasses. Gift and memento shops can over theme-specific oakley sunglasses outlet, such as animal prints for zoos. Apparel and accessory stores will require to have a large choice of budget, bridge, and better glasses with a combination of classic and contemporary styles. Cathy Ives, owner of The Optical Vision Site, a free specialist resource for eyewear retailers, tells Independent Retailer; “There’s no reason not to over them. They are an impulse buy. Your customers are going to require them no matter what type of store you have. If you are a liquor store: you ought to over them. At the finish of the day, in the event you don’t have sun shades your customers will buy them someplace else.”

Quality over cost tag is another movement with growing momentum in sunglass retail. Historicallyin the past, there’s been inundations of cheap, poorly made shades. While they are lovely impulse buys, they do not last long. Since sun shades are items people use every day, plenty of consumers are looking for something a tiny more long lasting and with an extended life expectancy. Products with a cause are also becoming increasingly popular. If a brand is more sustainable, or donates back to a community with each purchase, buyers are willing to spend a tiny more. Kirk Bachelder of CTS explains that of his most popular lines takes advantage of both of these trends. He carries a unique line of higher-end recycled bamboo sun shades. The glasses have a bamboo temple (arm) with a recycled frame, and everything is hand made. “When you put the glasses in people’s hands, they say ‘Wow, these are made out of wood,’ and tend to buy them.”

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